Especially in times of Covid-19.

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Vitamin D is a little helper which can be supplemented easily. It helps to improve your immune system. In recent studies it shows how it can affect the course of a disease like Covid-19. Older studies also showed that this applied to the flu as well.

Wow — what a powerful weapon against diseases that thing can be. but how much truth is really behind it?

What is vitamin D and why is it so crucial?

Let us dive into a short explanation about vitamins in general. Strictly speaking is vitamin D not a real vitamin. By definition a vitamin is an essential organic compound of the body. It can’t…

Do not depend on images — you indispensable rely on!

In an infrastructure based on containers you surprise wise start depending on images. Which can become a real problem if they are not available.

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Wherever you look there is this flagship “high availability” with which everyone advertises. With this self burdening promise comes also a responsibility. This is exactly where concepts like Kubernetes and CI/CD comes into play. These concepts allow us to serve better uptimes for our applications. Make our releases more error insusceptible.

All these solutions have something in common: Images

If you don’t build them from scratch…

How it started, changed the way we distribute and what could be the next step?

Not so long ago container virtualization wasn’t even a thing. Nowadays it’s hard to find a tutorial where Docker, Kubernetes and Co. aren’t mentioned. These tools got accepted and used by many in our open-source community. Based on this fact, we have seen a lot of improvement since then. I don’t need to list any single benefit container virtualization put into the game. Better let me try to compromise it into my own experience through these three words:

patterns, automation and reliability

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Back to the (ch)roots

It all got started in 1979 where the concept of container virtualization was born. Within UNIX a so…

As I’m creating more and more microservices with Golang and having that inner feeling of improving everything (sometimes it’s a good habit and sometimes it gets in your own way). I felt like I have to do something on the general image size for my applications. So I started my research on how to get images smaller in the general term of best practices. A long time ago I already searched on that and improved a lot of things, but as always time has changed and maybe there is something interesting out there. My goals on reducing the image size…

Stefan Dillenburg

System Engineer @Fraunhofer on that behalf I’m interested in state of the art tech. Otherwise I’m totally into martial arts and fitness.

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